Where to Live in Munich

Munich the city of students and its spectacular offers
There are various possibilities to live, love, travel, meet new people from all over the world and do everything what makes you happy.
Living in Munich means living in the most beautiful city of Germany and it is an unique experience doing a semester abroad here.

Munich is divided into various parts of the city: City Center, Maxvorstadt, Schwabing and English Garden, Olympic Area, Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, Ludwigvorstadt-Isarvorstadt, Au-Haidhausen.
And in the East: Bogenhausen, Berg am Laim, Truderling-Riem, Ramersdorf-Perlach.
The best locations for students to live is of course close to the universities, such in Schwabing and Maxvorstadt because it is very close to the biggest and most famous universities Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU) and the Tecnical University (TU). At the same time it is located in the heart of Munich. With various cafes, bars and the English Garden make living in this part very attractive but of course also a little more expensice than living a little bit further from the center such as in the east of Munich: Berg am Laim, Truderling-Riem and Ramersdorf-Perlach.

Running, relaxing, playing futbol, get to know more people
, all this is possible in these parts of the center. In these areas a lot of student parties are organized by the universities and there are also a lot of parties organized by residential accommodations. But you will also find a lot of bars and clubs in these areas. Especially in the student parts are existing fair and appropriate prices.

There are various websites where you can find a room in a shared flat with other students:
- wgmuenchen.net
- immobilienscout24.de
- immonet.de

You can also find a room in a residencial accomodation:
- Studentenwohnheim Olympiazentrum
- studentenwerk-muenchen

The following street names are also residencial accommodations:
- Clemensstrasse 118-127
- Emanuelstrasse 18
- Gabelsbergerstrasse 91

It is hard finding an apartment in Munich, but in the universities you will find bill-boards with free rooms in shared flats for example.
And of course HAPPY ERASMUS will give its best to find a suited accommodation for you.
Feel free to contact us and we will help you as much as possible!