Where to Eat and Buy Food in Munich

Delicious Food and Grocery Recommendations for YOU!
Munich has a lot of different restaurants to offer. So be careful in the centre of course the prices in the restaurants are more expensive, but you'll find really good Bavarian food.
Some usual time informations: If you want to go for lunch the best time is to go around 11.30 am and 14 pm. The usual dinner time is from 18 pm until 21 pm.
We will only give you some recommendations where to eat and buy food.

Traditional Restaurants where you can eat Bavarian food are:
Hofbräuhaus, Löwenbräukeller, Ratskeller, Paulaner, Haxnbauer, Spatenbräu, Franziskaner, Hofbräukeller,...
Most of these restaurants have a beer garden in the outside which are really nice for hot summer nights.

Munich-Schwabing is a very popular place for students because there are a lot of restaurants and bars with suitable and fair prices:
Sausalitos, Alter Simpl, Augustinger Keller, Bar tapas, Brasserie Tresznjewski, Dean&David, Delis, Bibulus, Pavos, Block house, Café Jasmin, Königin, Gegenüber, Nebenan, Reiterschule,
Joon, zum Laden, Tafel Schwafel International, Vorhoelzer
(TU), Vorstadt Cafe, Soda and a lot more.
You can also find a lot of international restaurants in Munich.

We have a lot of very good Burger restaurants as well: Hans im Glück, Hamburgerei, Burger House, Belicious Burger, Frida, MC Mueller, Ysenegger and a lot more burger restaurants.
Of course Munich offers a lot of fast food restaurants as well as Mc Donalds, Burger King and KFC, also fish restaurants such as Nordsee.
Turkish food is also very popular therefore Munich offers a lot of Döner Kebap places.

The best ice cream you can buy at the crazy ice cream maker "Verrückter Eismacher" in Munich-Schwabing. Here you will not find regular italian ice cream, but you'll find the craziest kinds you ever have had, such as:
Beer ice, radler, toffee, white sausage, champagne, oreo, basilicum, asparagus, cheese dumplings, bavarian creme, cherry-banana, lemon, maracuja-basilicum, choclate-banana, sorbet, Wiener Schnitzel
and a lot more. Every day they surprise you with different crazy kinds. And the craziness is not over. We garantee you never had such a crazy ice cream!

Where can you buy food?
Grocery shopping is possible from Monday until Saturday from 7 am until 20 pm. On Sunday the supermarkets are all closed.
Cheap supermarkets:
- Netto (www.netto-online.de)
- Lidl (www.lidl.de)
- Aldi (www.aldi.de)
- Penny (www.penny.de)
- Tengelmann (www.tengelmann.de)
- REWE (www.rewe.de)
- Bio supermarkets: Alnatura (www.alnatura.de)
If you only prefer regional and fresh groceries, there is a weekly market called "Viktualienmarkt".
You'll find all kinds of fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, eggs, breads, herbs, teas, honey, flowers and plants and even more.

Of course these are all only recommendations and there are a lot more restaurants existing so if you have any questions or doubts don't wait to contact Happy Erasmus.