Useful Information for Erasmus in Munich

1. Local Time: Central European (GMT+1)
2. Area: Bavaria, in the south of Germany.
3. Population: 1,4 Million inhabitants and 2.6 Million inhabitants including suburbs
4. Language: German language is the official language spoken in Germany. But there are also a lot of dialects depending of the region existing. In Munich people speak the Bavarian dialect which is often very hard to understand even for people from the North of Germany. Since it is a city of many tourists of course the most people speak English but it is always good to know some sentences to get around and also it is very appreciated.
5. Communication: International code for calling is +49 or 0049.
6. Currency: €
7. Currency change: In Munich there are several places where you can exchange your money for example at the airport, the central train station. But take in mind that the fees might be even higher than they are in your country. So it is always better to get your money exchanged in your home country.
8. Bank account: Of course you can also open your an own bank account in Munich. There are several Bank companies existing in Munich such as: Commerzbank, Raifeisenbank, Sparkasse, Hypo Vereinsbank and a lot more. Since you are a student you need to bring your certificate of enrollment in order to not pay. Additional to that you will also need passport and a registration card.
9. Credit cards: Paying with credit card is not possible in every shop. But in most restaurants, hotels, train stations it is possible. But in small bars and restaurants it's not always appreciated.
Often you have to buy more then 10 € to pay with card.
10. Emergency telephone numbers:
- Police: 110
- General Emergency: 112 (fire department, police, ambulance)
Keep in mind that whenever you are calling they will ask you: Who is calling?/ What happened? / How many persons are involved?
11. Tipping: Tipping is often not included in the price so it is really appreciated. The regular tipping is about 10 %.
12. Farmacies: Farmacies are usually open between 8.00 am and 20.00 pm such as other stores. Additional to that there is also a farmacy that is open for any emergency cases.
You can either look online or you can call 22833. 
13. Smoking and Alcohol: Smoking in public is permitted since it is not a train station or other public transport stations (airplane, metro, bus, taxi and trains). It is also forbidden to smoke in restaurants or bars.
If you live in a rented room or an apartment it can also be forbidden due to the fire prevention standards. Therefore your owner of the apartment can demand you to pay for renovations.
Drinking alcohol is allowed on the streets but it is forbidden to do pre-drinking in front of restaurants and bars. It is not allowed to drink inside of public transportations such as bus, metro or trains.

If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact Happy Erasmus Munich. We will give our best to help you.