Social Happy Erasmus

Since the time that Happy Erasmus exists we always wanted to suppot the enviroment.
For us it is very important to create our trips, excursions and events in a mode that we also do something positive for the enviroment and the future.
We will leave our places we have visited in the same way we have fount them before by not leaving any trash there.

Happy Erasmus always donates a percentage of its profit to different NGOs, which are listet below.
Our next donation will go to help children which were treated really bad because of child abuse.
We will make our best to make other people feel happy and make the world look better.

Come and join us and make other people happy by only giving a little contribution to poor children.
Only a little will make them happy and the world would even look better.
You can select any NGOs you like and give a little donation to it.
Let the wold look better and make people happy with HAPPY ERASMUS.