Open a Happy Erasmus Office

You want to open an office in your own home town? 
Happy Erasmus works with a lot of associations in Spain and other countries in the world.

We have national and international partners in the whole world.
If you want that we grow, you can be part in our big project and make the Happy Erasmus Family even bigger.

We will show you how everything works:

1. You will get to know the Happy Erasmus asscociation in our main seat,  Valencia, Spain.
2. We will show you the intranet and the webpage
3. Explanation of how you can create your own webpage
4. Workshop in social marketing
5. Start your own business NOW!!!

And there is a lot more to learn from us. You can already start tomorrow.
We are excited to get to know you and that you also want to join us making our family grow in Europe.