Munich, Your New City

"Servus" and "Grüß Gott"
in the most beautiful city Munich in Bavaria, located in the south of Germany. It's the third biggest city in Germany. And due to that the best desicion to do your Erasmus semester there.
Since 2010 it is the most livable city in the world and the city of business, engineering, reserach and medicine.
So Perfect for YOU. Come and explore Munich with Happy Erasmus and have the best time of the year.

It's worth visiting this city and HAPPY ERASMUS makes your stay unforgetable and an unique experience. Munich has its flair from its surrounded Austrian and Bavarian alps.
It is known all over the world for its international traditional Bavarian beer festival "Oktoberfest" or in slang called "Wiesn". Munich has also beautiful rivers for example the Isar and Eisbach.
But it is also famous for its very stunning parks English Garden and Olympia Park. And a lot more will expect you when you're in Munich. Let the adventure begin. NOW!

With 1,5 Million inhabitants Munich is divided into 43 parts. There are about 100.000 students living in Munich, studying at the Tecnical University (TU), Ludwig-Maximilian-University (LMU) and Hochschule Munich.
But there are also a lot of other universities, such as the International School of Management (ISM), the Munich Business School (MBS), Macromedia University, the Graphic Academy, the Music and Theatre, Film and TV academy and a lot more universities and schools. For everybody Munich has something to offer.

The name Munich comes from the monks living in the monastery which was built in the eigth century. The tradition of the beer breweries are based on the monks. Munich's beer breweries are famous all over the world therefore the bavarian rulers saw it as a profitable source of income and started to support them. The receipt of brewing beer is based on the German purity law which is: barley, water and hops and was set up by duke Wilhelm IV. in the year of 1516. In the year 1158 Munich was founded by the duke of Bavarian, Heinrich the lion. After one century Munich was owned by the Wittelsbacher dynasty which were govern the duchy, the electorate and the kingdom. You can see the Wittelsbacher dynasty lifestyle nowadays in all parts of the city especially in the buildings of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Newgothic.

In the period between the first and the second world war Munich reached its low points of his history. During a tour through the city you can see the period of national socialism (Nazism). Hitler tried to reach power by violence for the first time on the 8th of November 1923 in Munich with the "beer hall putsch", but he failed. Therefore Hitler made Munich to be headquartered by the Nazi party which took control of the German national government in 1933.  The contract was signed in 1938 by Germany, Great Britain, France and Italy therefore the big part of the former Czechoslovakia was subordinated to the Nazis. This was the top of the fateful policy of appeasement as against Hitler which almost activated the second world war. After the world war II Munich was destroyed, but after 1945 it was rebuilt and many modern buildings were contructed.
The Olympic Games took place in Munich in the year 1973, therefore the Olympic Stadium was built and the whole infrastructure was reconstructed.

Munich is mostly known by its most famous Beerfestival "Okotberfest" or in bavarian slang called "Wiesn" and it allures people from all over the world for three weeks. But besides the three weeks of drinking beer and eating bavarian food there is a lot more to see in Munich. The "Must Sees" are first of all the city itself, with its charming places such as the Marienplatz with its huge church Frauenkirche. The places such as Odeonsplatz, Stachus and Sendlinger Tor are als woth seeing it. You can watch surfers and  waves in the river Eisbach and therefore it makes it to a spot that you cannot miss.
The Castle Nymphenburg with its charming park, the German Museum, the English Garden, the Olympic Park, the BMW Museum, the Zoo in Hellabrunn, the Concentation Camp in Dachau (KZ), the Residenzmuseum, the Peterschurch and the Allianz Arena are locations which make Munich worth seeing it.

Have fun exploring Munich with HAPPY ERASMUS.
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