Bavarian Gatronomy

You wanna try Bavarian Food? Of course you do. It is rich and the only thing of the cuisines world that can soak up the Bavarian beer.
So don't wait. Come to Munich and try the best beers and dishes of Germany. Experience Munich's traditional dishes by being a happy Erasmus student. 
Tipical bavarian dishes often include meat and dumplings. The bavarian cuisine was developed by the Wittelsbach family.
We will give you an overview of the most important traditional dishes.
Snacks and Appetiser
Griebenschmalz, Obatzda, Kren, Radi are spreads such as butter you often eat it with Pretzel

Main Dishes
- Weißwurst with pretzel: white sausages and pretzel with sweet mustard are a typical dish for a real Bavarian breakfast. You often have a beer with it.
- Schweinsbraten mit Kloß which is roast pork served with slices of gravy, bread or potato dumplings and sauce
- Schweinshaxe which is knuckle of pork
- Sauerbraten is marinated pot roast
- Spanferkel which is a sucking pick
- Steckerfisch is a grilled fish on a stick and very comon during Oktoberfest
- Krautwickerl which hare stuffed cabbage rolls
- Kässespätzel: Cheesedumplings
- Saurer Pressack: head cheese
- Potato pancake
- Schupfnudeln are finger-shaped potato dumplings
- Fleischpflanzerl are meatballs and are often combined with potato salad
- Soups: Hochzeitsuppe, Liverdumpling, Breadsoup,pancakesoup

- Krapfen are very popular during carneval and you can buy them in any bakery.
- Apfelkücherl are often eated with cinnamon, sugar and vanille ice cream.
- Bienestich or been sting cake is a sweet yeast cake filled with vanille cream. Its topping is caramelized almonds.
- Apfelstrudel is a apple strudel filled with applesauce
- Bayrischcreme is a typical creme combined with a fruit sauce
- Dampfnudel with vanille sauce
- Germknödl with vanille sauce or butter
- Kaiserschmarrn with applesauce or plumsauce
- Zwetschgendatschi is a cake with a sweet yeast dough with plums for topping.

In any restaurants and bars you can order various kinds of beer therefore just ask the waiter for the menu.

Typical beer kinds:
- Helles is pale beer
- Weißbier in English whitebeer
- Dunkles which is darkbeer

Difference in the types of beer:
- Helles (pale beer) which is the most popular beer and has less hops and its taste is sweeter
- Dunkles (dark beer) which has a stronger taste and which is brewed with more dark malt.
- Weißbier (white beer) consists in barley and wheat. Its taste is sour and yeast is in the beer.

Non-alcoholic drinks mixed with beer
- Radler: which is "Helles" beer mixed with lemon soda/ lemonade and it is very common to drink it during hot summer days because it is very light.
- Colaweizen: Weißbier mixed with coke
- Russn (=Russian) is white beer mixed with lemon soda/ lemonade.
- Goasnmaß: BE CAREFUL about this kind because of its mixture of Weißbier, coke and cherry brandy its taste is very sweet and you can swollow it like water but it makes you drunk really fast without even recognizing it.

In which sizes you can order the beer in restaurants?
You can order either one litre serves in a mug "Maß" or half of litre "eine Halbe".
Don't wait to try the world of Bavarian Food! And as always you are welcome to let us know if you have any questions.