How to Move in Munich

Munich, Your City of various transportations and travel tariffs.

Munich with his 2,6 million inhabitants and suburbs has one of the best and puntual transportation system in the world.
The main station is Munich Hauptbahnhof located in the city centre. There are also two smaller main line stations at Pasing (west of the city) and Munich Ostbahnhof (east of the city).
The highspeed trains ICE only stop in Munich-Pasing and Munich-Hauptbahnhof.  Since 2006 Munich has been connected to Nuremberg via Ingolstadt with its high speed railway ICE by 300km/h.
The Munich U-Bahn (underground railway), the S-Bahn (suburb train), trams and buses belong to this system and are supervised by Munich transport and tariff association (München Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund GmbH).
The tram since 1876 is  the oldest existing public transportation in the whole city. It is also very popular for its great network of bus lines. The underground and suburb trains have a common ticketing system which is also very easy to use. The most difference between the two is the color. U-Bahn trains are blue and white and the S-Bahn trains are red and white.

There are existing various tariffs for groups, families and students when traveling with the public transportations. Buying yourself a ticket you can choose between various options:
- Einzelfahrkarten, which are single-journey tickets but these are the most expensive tickets. You have to select the zone. For shorter trips you select a single zone and for longer trips you'll need to choose the appropriate number of zones where you want to go.
- Streifenkarten are stripe tickets and garantee a cheaper than the single-journey tickets. They can be used more times and several people can use it the same time when they are traveling together. Depending on your destiantion you validate one or more stripes per journey.
- Single-Tageskarten and Partner-Tageskarten are single and partner day tickets which allow unlimited transportation from the time they are stamped until 6am the next day. They can be bought either for individuals or also for a group of up tp five people.

 For students the semesterticket  is very common, which costs 59 Euros and you can use all public transportations (metro, tram and bus) from 18.00 until 6.00 o'clock in the morning, on the weekends and holidays you can use the ticket all day long.
Check the red with its lines and numbers of the underground and subground trains here:

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You can also easily move around with a bike because there exist 1200 kilometers of  bike roads. Especially during hot summerdays it is a good way to get to know the city with its charm and details.
The active modes of transportations are all comfortable, safe and enjoyable.
Discover Munich with its great network of transportations which are known for its punctuality in all over the world.