How to Arrive to Munich

Munich, Your City and its fast way How To Arrive.

Arriving in Munich by plane means arriving at Airport Franz-Josef-Strauss which is located 40 kilometers north of Munich.
You have various option to get to the city from the airport by using either the train, the S-Bahn (suburb train), U-Bahn (underground train), the bus or the taxi.
Two S-Bahn (suburb trains) lines, S1 and S8, will bring you to the Munich city centre in about 45-50 minutes. You can either buy the tickets at the airport in the Terminals or can buy them in the areas of the suburbs as they have vending stations everywhere. The Airport Bus by Lufthansa will take you from the airport directly to Munich and it will take about 45 minutes, depending on traffic and rush hours.
If you exit the airport there is one stop at Terminal1, Terminal2 and another stop is at the Airport center. Taking a taxi from the airport to get to the city is mostly the most expensive way but also the fastest way, if there is no rush hour. If you exit the airport terminals there are taxi stands at both terminals and it will cost at least 60 Euros.

There is also an other airport located in Memmingen "Allgäu Airport Memmingen" about 110 km situated in the west of Munich. It is called "Munich West" by Ryanair.
There are existing various shuttle buses which are connected to Munich city center and also combined with the Ryanair's flight schedule. It takes about 1,5 hours. One way tickets are 20 Euro and only 15 Euro if you book online through internet. The buses arrive and leave from the centre of Munich at Hackerbrücke (next to the Central Station).
Arriving by car is also very easy connected. The A8 is connected with Augsburg, Stuttgart, Ulm, Karlsruhe in the west and Rosenheim and Salzburg in the south-east. The autobahn A9 leads to Ingolstadt, Nürnberg, Leipzig and Berlin. The A92 connects Munich with Deggendorf and Landshut in the north-east. The A94 lead to Passau in the east.
Take the A95 if you want to go to Garmisch-Partenirchen in the Bavarian Alps situated in the south of Germany. The Autobahn A96 lead you to Lindau at Lake Constance in the south-west.
The A99 is an autobahn ring and is connected to various autobahns. Basically it is said that highways with even numbers connect cities in the East and West of Germany horizontally.
 Cities in the North and South of Germany are connected vertilcally by highways with uneven numbers.

Munich has a train station (Hauptbahnhof) in the city centre of Munich with long-distance-trains, high-speed trains (ICE) and regional trains (RE). But also possesses over a metro and a tramsystem (MVG).
All this transportations how to arrive make Munich a attractive city with a worldwide known infrastructure.

If you want to arrive to Munich by bus from Eastern Europe or the Balkans check the schechule and destinations at the Munich's Central Bus Station ZOB.

Examples of bus companies by arriving by bus to Munich:
- Flixbus
- Meinfernbus
- postbus
- berlinlinienbus
- euroline
- ecolines
- studibus

Carsharing or car rental services are also very common and appreciated in Bavaria.
Arriving by car sharing offer you a cheap ride which are announced by private persons of their homepages.  
- blablacar
- mitfarhgelegenheit

Or you can even rent a car by yourself which is more expensive. Some companies are listed here:
- Europcar

Enjoy Munich, with its most great, fast and punctual network of public transportations in the world
All roads lead to Munich!!!
Try it, and live the life of an Erasmus student in München.