Holidays and Events in Munich

Munich is a cathlic city and therefore has a lot of holidays. But the most holidays are the same such as Christmas, Epiphany, Easter, New Year's Eve and a lot more.
We will give you recommodations for the holidays where you can really see something different to your country.
The basic holidays in Bavarian are the following dates. On these days everything is closed such as shops and supermarkets.

- New Year (Neujahr): 1.01
- Epiphany (Heilige Drei Könige): 6.01
- Good Friday, Eastermonday (Karfreitag, Ostermontag): 3.04, 6.04
- Labour Day (Maifeiertag) : 1.05/ May day
- Ascension Day (Christi Himmelfahrt): 14.05
- Whitmonday (Pfingtmontag): 25.05
- Feast of Corpus Christi (Fronleichnam): 4.06
Assumption Day (Maria Himmelfahrt): 15.08
- German Day of Unity (Tag der Deutschen Einheit): 3.10
- All Hallow's Day: 1.11
- 1st Christmasday (Erster Weihnachtsfeiertag): 25.12
- 2nd Christmasday (Zweiter Weihnachtsfeiertag): 26.12

For example the 1st of May which is always a Labour Day is very popular in the Bavarian region. It is a very traditional day where every village and city set up a may tree which is decorated individually by the city. On this day the people wear the traditional dresscode, girls wear Dirndl and boys Lederhosen. There is held a special mess and then they will dance a special dance called "Maitanz". This holiday is like a competition of the villages and cities around Munich whothe best Maytree has. In Munich the fire department helps to set up the tent, but in little villages the people themselves set up the tree in the traditional way.It's a holiday that you have too see since you are here in Munich.

1. Oktoberfest (
The Oktoberfest or also Wiesn begins the 19th of September and lasts until the 4th of October. It takes place since 12 October 1810 to celebrate the wedding of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Sachsen-Hildburghausen. It is located at Theresienwiese in Munich and presents tents with private beer breweries. It is the worlds biggest folkfestival ever. It is located at the Theresienwiese and is visited by millions of people from all over the world every year. So until now the festival has been visiting by 6,3 Million people in 2014. Especially for the Oktoberfest the most famous breweries brew special beers with an alcholol volume of 5,8-6,4 percent. At the Oktoberfest are about 14 big tents and 15 smaller ones. The breweries such as Spatenbräu, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu and Augustiner are having their tents at Theresienwiese. But of course it is very crowded and therefore a lot of tents already close at 11 am in order that not more people are entering. We recommend you to go very early.
The music in the tents is traditional folk music played by famous bavarian bands und from 18 pm they also play Schlager and Pop music. The party atmosphere will be in the tents all day long.
Food and drinks in the tents:
The traditional size of a beer mug is the "Maß" which is the most popular way to order beer. Of course they offer mixed beers with lemonade (Radler) and all other special brewed kinds of beers. Of course they offer bavarian traditional food. Warm and cold dishes are served all day long.
Outside of the tents you can also find various food stands which sell all kinds of bavarian or national food types. You will also find all kinds of rollercoasters for example Loopings, Carussel, horrorcoaster and a lot more.
The traditional clothes for the oktoberfest is for girls the typical Dirndl which is a traditional Bavarian dress. For the girls it is very important on which side they wear the loop of the Dirndl skirt.
So keep in mind that wearing your loop at the left side means you are taken; wearing it in the middle means you are open for everything and last the right side means you are single. The boys wear Lederhosen which are letherpants. There are a lot of different lengths existing.

2. Tollwut (
There is always a Summer and a Winter Tollwut at Theresienwiese, which is also the location of the Oktoberfest. During Winter you can find food stands and cocktail stands which offer typical hot drinks such as Glühwein, Glühbier, hot caiphirina and a lot more. They also have various kinds of clothes stands where you can buy cheap stuff. During Summer it is pretty much the same but of course it is adapted to the hot weather therefore they offer cold cocktails and drinks.

4. Circus Krone (
Circus Krone is the biggest circus in Europe and is a family company. This circus is situated in Munich and offers all year long shows. It tent has about 4.500 seats on a area of 3.000 square meters. It is the biggest zoo that is traveling around the world.

5. Christmas Market
During christmas time Munich appears in a beautiful christmas atmosphere. Each place such as Marienplatz, Odeonsplatz, Karlsplatz, Viktualienmarkt are having a christmas market with food and drink stands. Popular drinks gar: Glühwein, Punsch, Hot Caipirinha and a lot more surprises will expect you there. The christmas market at Marienplatz is the oldest and biggest one with 3 Million visitors each year. But of course it is the one with the most tourist. So we recommend you to go to the one at Odeonsplatz. But of course there are so many. They all sell christmas decoration and you can also buy nice christmas gifts there.

5. Rock im Park in Nürnberg (
Rock im Park is a Rock festival located in Nürnberg, english Nuremberg and is about 1,5 hours north of Munich. It is always a weekend from Friday until Sunday. Famous bands such as Metallica, Foo Fighter, Beatsteaks and a lot more bands take care for an unbelievable and rocking atmosphere.

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