Happy Erasmus Vision and Mission

Happy Erasmus is an international student organization that helps new incoming students to find their way around and to make their stay unique and unforgetable by making friends for lifes. 

It was founded in 1994 by former Erasmus students so our Team really know what your expectations are and what you dream of because we all lived the life as an Erasmus student. 
We are open for everything so come and join our family that is now growing in whole Europe. From the moment you are in the city we help you finding apartmends, getting your a Sim-card or even helping you with language courses. Happy Erasmus know how difficult it is finding yourself around the first couple of days or even understand the teachers at the universities or the people talking on the streets.
Due to our offers we avoid these difficulties and make you feel like home from the first day on.

We will make you feel like home right away by organizing trips, excursions, events, courses and a lot more.

Try and be part of our Happy Erasmus Family.
We can't wait to get to know you.
Let the adventure start. NOW!