Communication and Mass Media in Germany

You want to stay in touch with the world and want to know what is happening in the world. This site will tell you Munich's regional newspaper, radio and internet.
But will also inform you about the internet packages and phone contracts that are very common.

Munich has various newspapers, such as:,,,
National magazines are:,,,

In Munich there are various radio channcels existing. The radio will inform you about traffic jams, wrong way drivers and upcoming news
The most famours channels are: Energy, GongFm, AntenneBayern, 95,5 Charivari, radiogong, br, Bayern1, Bayern2 and Bayern3.

In Germany it is possible to receive more than 20 channels on TV. The regional is the Bayerischer Rundfunk (traditional regional channel) that belongs to the ARD. ZDF, ARTE, 3Sat, Phoenix and KiKa (KinderKanal) are other public channels that are on television. RTL, RTL2, VOX, SuperRTL and n-tv are all belonging to the RTL group. The channels Pro7, Sat1, kabel eins and sixx belong all to the Pro7Sat1 Group.

There are various companies which are offering all kinds of packages, options and speed. But first check the duration of the contracts they offer and compare it to the duration of your stay.
The most typical companies are: 1&1, EPlus, D1, Vodafone, Telekom, Kabel Deutschland and O2. But of course there are existing other ones. The most internet companies offer phones and television contracts as a package.

If you want to get yourself a german number for your phone which is recommended since you are here in Germany there are existing various, cheap and simple options.
The big companies are Vodafone, T-Mobile (Telekom), E-Plus/Base and O2. Of course there are also a diversity of discounter companies such as: Congstar, Fonic,, Simfinity, Yourfone, Lebara, and mostly every supermarket has their own simcard. There is also a useful link existing where you can compare the contracts which are offered:

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